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Recruit and Maintain Quality Employees with Paycheck Protection

Johnson Benefit Group in Arlington, TX, has provided paycheck protection services for small businesses for the entire state of Texas since 1999. We understand that finding the right benefits at the right price for your employees can be a challenge. It can be an intimidating process. We are here to help you and your employees understand your options when it comes to supplemental benefits. Our company prides itself on integrity so you know you won’t be providing bogus benefits to the people that work so hard for you. Know that you’ll be in good hands as we walk you through the process of setting up benefits packages that offer your employees peace of mind. Our plans are customizable to the individual. Our goal is to provide your company with options to attain and maintain quality employees with amazing health benefits.

Our Mission

Johnson Benefits Group is a professional organization dedicated to providing business owners and their employees with the best insurance solutions possible. We will maintain a professional and efficient work environment that helps each person to achieve his or her personal goals.

Our Vision

Protect your most valuable asset at your business -- your employees. We have experienced agents with more than 20 years in financial protection. Johnson Benefits Group will help your employees and their families set forth a path toward financial preparedness. We offer a free consultation on major medical health, supplemental, vision, and dental insurances.

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